About Us

Majestic Global Ltd is a registered company in United Kingdom (Company No. 09414599) with an office located in Shrewsbury Road, London. The registration of the company was a logical step in the project development. It incorporated on 20 January 2015. United Kingdom was chosen for registration as the most suitable variant for international financial activity Majestic Global Ltd founded by a group of expert traders and professional analysts that specialized in currencies trading with more than ten years of extensive experiences of combined personal skills and knowledge.

Today the company is a stable participant of currency market Forex. Majestic Global Ltd offers investors the easiest and most affordable way to start making money on the Forex market. We follow the principle of simplicity and accessibility for new investors, and making your first steps on your road to financial independence. Besides two traders, Majestic Global Ltd gets involved in the work other talented managers who can become a part of the investment fund after passing selection.

The fund functions as a single entity where each person has its own strong point. This versatility makes it possible to cope successfully with "surprises" of changeable foreign exchange market. Professionalism of managers allows the company to make money on foreign exchange market regardless of economic circumstances and accordingly allows partners and investors to make their profit.The company management doesn't give groundless promises and guarantees, only pragmatic financial arrangements.

Availability of independent monitoring of traders accounts allows investors to keep close track of the real state of affairs on trading accounts of the company. This fact makes it possible to assert this program offers the most convenient and transparent investment services on financial market. Harry Jenk acts as the principal expert and trader in Majestic Global Ltd. He is a professional trader with more than 10 years experience in trade.